Why Corporate House

In terms of definition, Corporate House may be recognised as a distinctive professional service organisation, the main objectives of which centre on guiding consumers to selecting the most appropriate corporation structure and accordingly identify the most suitable innovative solutions to achieve the best banking and taxation outcomes for the organisation.

Highly regarded experience
The Corporate House team comprises consultants with many years’ experience in business establishing in Dubai and within the UAE. Moreover, the team offers a great wealth of knowledge and insight into how to successfully initiate a business start-up within the region. We are proud that our team has advised well-known multinational corporations, governmental bodies, chambers of commerce and research centres on business and corporate matters in the UAE.

Diversity of backgrounds
Corporate House is distinct in the fact that it provides a unique assimilation of knowledge through its team members, all of whom have different legal and business backgrounds. Moreover, the team includes not only business consultants, but also legal professionals specialising in many different domains of law within the UAE. We are confident that our business consultancy service will satisfy all regulatory and legal requirements outlined by its clients.

We bring the UAE to your place
When dealing with European investors, Corporate House is an ideal selection owing to the fact that our business partners and representatives are based in a number of key locations globally, including Berlin, Geneva, London, Munich, Paris, Rome and Vienna, amongst others. Accordingly, there is no need for clients to travel to the UAE in order to initiate the process or consult with our team. Our representatives are based globally and speak many different languages, thus enabling the provision of our consultancy services and the conclusion of all formalities.